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From the mid-eighteenth century, the Green Baize Door became a feature of every staffed home. Generally, a swing door onto which green baize cloth was attached with studs made of brass. The purpose of the baize was to insulate against noise that might disturb those who lived on either side of the door.

In the world of domestic service, The Green Baize Door is now a universal sign; one that denotes the dividing line between the two halves of every staffed house

"The Green Baize Door is the door connecting two domains,
               it signals a new threshold between staff and employer..."

For those unfamiliar, going beyond The Green Baize Door is akin to entering foreign territory, or walking into someone else’s home. Its routes to all other parts of the house allow domestic staff to be (almost) invisible; not because they are beyond notice, in fact quite the opposite is true, but to allow them to concentrate on their duties and in turn, the smooth day-to-day running of The Household.


Who's behind the Green Baize Door...

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson was born in London and raised on the South Coast of the United Kingdom; he attended Thanet Catering College in Kent where he graduated with City and Guild qualifications and Thanet College Diplomas in: Cookery, Food and Beverage Service and Accommodation Service.

Since leaving college twenty years ago, Kevin has worked exclusively in Private Service, working for many of the world’s respected families and organisations.

Starting his career as footman at The British Embassy in Paris, he received, training in: etiquette, the art of formal entertaining and the proper care-procedures to adopt with antique silver, fine china, crystal and glass. In Paris he also learnt to obey the sacred rules of his trade, including: the importance of discretion, holding confidence, whilst honing his ‘eye for detail’.

From Paris, Kevin has held positions of great responsibility, in outstanding organisations where he’s worked with the industry’s finest. He has also been lucky to work along-side Europe's leading decorators, restorers, craftsmen and artisan workers, gathering skills which allow him to manage projects and events requiring only the highest aesthetic standards.

Never happy to accept mediocrity as a norm, Kevin continues to push boundaries, as a founder of he hopes to assist the industry of which he is proud to be a member.

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Martin Higgins

Martin Higgins was born and raised in Solihull in The Heart of England. He studied for four years at The Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies gaining a Diploma and a Higher National Diploma in Hotel Management.

Fresh from college, he was offered a management position opening a new 5 star hotel in Birmingham. Through his many efforts, and those in formulating the standards of performance, the hotel was awarded the Best Hotel in Britain for several years.

Realising that his vocation lay in private service, he took a position within The Royal Household. For three years he apprenticed as a footman and under-butler at Buckingham Palace – a prestigious start to his career! Moving on to work in Europe for an elite clientele, followed by almost ten years employment to a prominent New York based philanthropist running her estates throughout The USA.

Through his professionalism, reliability, diplomacy and his extensive experience in all fields of private service, Martin's clients have trusted him to interview, hire, train and supervise staff, as well as manage their estate's administration.

Now, based in London, he has turned his talents to the creation of a tool which will facilitate and improve the handling of every aspect of the employer and employee relationship.

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