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Bibliography: Books on Fine Households & domestic Staff Issues

Behind the Green Baize Door  By Arlette Bannister

The Butler's Pantry Book a Compendium of Household Secrets From the Victoria Age by Drury, Elizabeth

The Book of Household Management By Mrs. Isabella Beeton
Mrs Beeton was the Delia Smith of her day. Vastly popular in its time, her great Book of Household Management is scarcely read nowadays in its original form which is a great shame as behind the period details, there is a wealth of common sense advice…

The Complete Servant by Samuel and Sarah Adams
First appearing in 1825, this source of long-forgotten information was originally intended for both servants and employers. It contains comments on topics including dry cleaning, keeping wine, cake-making and seed planting, as well as practical advice on child-rearing and the care of horses – Bring it back we say!

The Complete Plays (What the Butler saw) by Joe Orton
This is a great compilation of Orton's plays. They are all intensely funny, intelligent, subtle and contain much wit. 'What the Butler Saw' is typical of his style - a cross between a 'Carry on' film and 'Noises Off.'

The Experienced English Housekeeper By Elizabeth Raffald
From the historian's viewpoint this is an important and thoroughly factual bedrock of Georgian household traditions and fads; from the point of view of someone involved in private service today it is a highly unusual yet entertaining account of our forebear's methods.

The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Servant by Pamela Horn
Victorian England measured social acceptability in terms of the number of servants employed in a household. It is perhaps unsuprising that this frequently overlooked body of domestic workers actually formed the largest occupational group in the country at the end of the nineteenth century!

The Insider's Guide to Household Staffing by David Gonzalez
Provides a detailed look into the employment process for private homes. The positions held within the household are discussed in detail, and he helpfully includes: job functions, salary range, and profiles of current industry professionals

What the Butler Saw: 250 Years of the Servant Problem By E.S. TURNER / Penguin / ISBN 0141390832

Autobiographies of Working People from the 1820’s to the 1920’s By John Burnett (1974)

Diary of William Tayler, Footman – (Written 1837) By Dorothy Wise (published 1962)
William Tayler was a farmer's son but went to London and worked as a footman in Marylebone. He kept a journal for one year which was edited by Dorothy Wise and published by St Marylebone Society Publications in 1962.

Costume of Household Servants: From the Middle Ages to 1900 (Hardcover) by Phillis Emily Cunnington, Catherine Lucas Publisher: Barnes & Noble Imports (June 1974) ISBN : 0064913422

The Victorian House: Domestic Life from Childbirth to Deathbed (Paperback) by Judith Flanders

Not in Front of the Servants - 1973 By Frank Dawes
Whole armies of butlers, cooks and housemaids were employed in the great households of Victorian and Edwardian England. This book is a nostalgic study of this vanished world, recreated through interviews, memoirs and letters.

The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping By the National Trust Publisher Butterworth and Heinemann limited ISBN 0750655291

Below Stairs By Margaret Powell Publisher: Macmillan Publication Date: 1970-12-04 / ISBN: 0330025031

The Cook’s Guide and Housekeeper’s and Butler’s Assistant
First published by R. Bentley, London in 1868, this is the cook’s guide and housekeeper’s and butler’s assistant; a practical treatise on English and foreign cookery in all its branches.

The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny By Johnathon Gathorne-Hardy / 1972
A fascinating social history of a uniquely British institution

The Victorian Domestic Servant by Trevor May

The Victorian Workhouse by Trevor May

Life in the English Country House, 1978 By Mark Girouard (Yale University Press)
The English country house has flourished over the centuries because of its ability to adapt to the changes in English society. This book covers many things including how the life of the upper classes shaped their country houses, how they entertained and how they were served.

Household Cookery & Laundry Work. London and Glasgow. 1852. By Mrs. B. Black

The English domestic servant in history By Dr. Dorothy Marshall (1949)

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