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Find All You Need To Run A Better Household

"" provides a wealth of information, in an easy to use format, to help you source: freelance domestic staff, trades, companies & contractors who have experience of working in the finest private homes. lists the trades, companies & services that are considered to be the best in their field, those difficult to find contacts that are normally guarded jealously in the Butler's Black Book! is used by the senior staff and estate managers of establishments that include Royal Courts, fine country houses and the private homes, super-yachts & aircraft of the rich and famous.

Supplier name:
Jewelers / French-Polishers / Silver-Smiths / Cabinet Makers / Stationers / Shirt Makers / Upholsterers / Joiners / Fabric Restorers / Taxidermist / Tailors / Chandelier Cleaners / Carpet Makers / Web Designers / Fine Linens / Domestic Staff Agencies / Florists / Electricians / Specialist Dry Cleaners….

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