Ex Sous Chef

From $6,600 USD month


A newly formed organisation is looking to employ an entire team of Hospitality Management Professionals to oversee the smooth running of this Group of Properties. This position is one of 15 being advertised on Green Baize Door in the same organisation




From $6,600 USD month






Middle East


Ex Sous Chef












4 months salary as accommodation allowance. 

Car provided.

Bonus Provided. 

2 Year Contract. 

Flights at start and end of contract + 1 return flight per year. 

International Health Insurance Provided.


1 - 4 years


English, Frensh









Roles and Responsibilities

The Scope and Purpose of the Position

The Executive Sous Chef assists the Executive Chef and management team to implement the culinary philosophy at the household. He will take responsibility for all food production related issues in the absence of the Executive Chef.

The Executive Sous Chef is responsible for managing the day-to-day food production operations of the household.

The role is to ensure that residents, visitors, employees and others are supplied with food that is safe, culturally sensitive, of a high quality and attractively presented as and when required.

The Executive Sous Chef supports the Executive Chef by translating the culinary strategy and annual plans day-to-day activities and by overseeing the work of the food production team.

He will also support the Executive Chef to attract and retain culinary professionals with the required skills, knowledge and attributes needed to oversee, manage and complete day-to-day duties across all food production departments. The Executive Sous Chef actively guides and develops the kitchen brigade including sous-chefs, chef de parties, commis and kitchen hands.

The Executive Sous Chef will make sure that the food storage, food processing, food production, food distribution and disposal facilities meet all food safety standards and are designed in a way that promotes safe, efficient and effective workflows.

The Executive Sous Chef will ensure that all food storage, processing and distribution and disposal facilities are maintained to the highest standards and that the food production team is ready to cater for The Household and Guests at any time and as and when required.

The Executive Sous Chef will use his previous experience in the Culinary field, Hotel Management, Royal Households or Private Estates and combine this with effective and on going communication with the Executive Chef and Senior Management Team to make decisions and guide food production activities across the properties.

Core Responsibilities

Actively supports the Executive Chef in implementing the culinary philosophy and strategy for the households.

Acts on behalf of the Executive Chef in his absence.

Takes active steps to understand the culinary needs and expectations of The Household and guests. 

Works with the leadership team to achieve effective cross departmental communication and maximum collaboration for the benefit of The Household and guests. 

Supports the Executive Chef in the development and delivery of a range of healthy, authentic, safe and appealing dishes to The Household and guests to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Ensures that all food production operations and activities are compliant with country and local legislation and policies and processes as dictated by the corporate office. 

Supports the Executive Chef by ensuring that the food production operations perform effectively within the limits of the allocated budget.

Ensures and monitors that all employees are provided with regular, nourishing, appealing and safe meals a part of their employment. 

Supports the Executive Chef in the preparation of regular reports to the General Manager to accurately reflect the current performance of the food production operations. 

Ensures that all kitchen and food production records are developed, maintained and accessible when required by senior management and/or local authorities. This applies in particular to food safety records, financial records and food production employee records.

People Responsibilities

Provides the link between the leadership team and kitchen employees and ensures the culinary strategy is translated into effective departmental activities. 

Effectively leads the food production team by being a positive role model, providing a common vision and effective communication. 

Ensures the development of a culture of service excellence and delivery among all employees so they take pride in what they do, take personal responsibility for their work, pay attention to detail, innovate, take initiative, and work competently and confidently as one team. 

Ensures that the household develops and retains highly qualified food production subject matter specialists. 

Takes personal responsibility to develop the food production team’s technical and professional competence.

Ensures food production employees stay focused on key objectives and tasks especially in times of ambiguity and change. 

Supports the Executive Chef when interviewing and selecting suitable food production candidates for current and future vacancies. 

Ensures that all food production employees receive regular performance feedback, including their annual performance appraisal. Personally completes the performance reviews for all sous chefs and any other kitchen management/supervisory employees as agreed with the Executive Chef. 

Promotes and maintains compliance with and awareness of Health, Safety, Security and Food Safety issues in accordance with applicable legislation and best practice. 

Ensures that all food production employees are free from sickness that can be transferred through foods, have undertaken a health check and received food safety training.

Real Estate Responsibilities

Monitors and supports the Executive Chef in ensuring that all food production buildings, rooms, furniture, fittings and equipment are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

Planning Responsibilities

Ensures that the rosters and work schedules for the food production team are prepared and published as directed by the Executive Chef and The Household’s Guidelines.

Supports the Executive Chef in preparing the annual food production departmental plan and supporting budgets, including any purchasing requirements for furniture, fixtures and equipment, manning guides and labour budgets.

Supports the Executive Chef in ensuring the communication of the food production strategic plan and Key Performance Indicators to the food production management team. 

Supports the Executive Chef by preparing menus and special events suggestions as needed to meet the wishes and needs of residents, guests and employees.

Prepares detailed standard recipes to control and ensure consistency of food production.

Prepares detailed costing for food items to manage monitor expenses and control food costs and production costs.

Ensures that recipes and pictures of presentation of dishes are readily available for reference to employees who produce and present the relevant dishes.

Supports the Executive Chef in identifying suitable suppliers and wherever possible supports the local sourcing of food.

Sets performance targets for the food production team and monitors their performance on a regular basis.

Occupied Household and Operational Responsibilities

Supports the Executive Chef by ensuring the coordination of all food production preparations for The Household and guests after any period where the household might be unoccupied.

Supports the Executive Chef in a full setting up to meet the food requirements for Dining Rooms, Principal’s Residence, Guest Villas/Accommodation, Meeting Rooms and the like in readiness for periods where the Household is occupied.

Monitors and manages the quality and quantity of all food products served in the household.

Supports the Executive Chef by developing and implementing food production operational improvements and innovations.

Society and Contractors

Ensures to always represent the palace in a positive light to the local community. 

Effectively works with external business partners and contractors as and when required to achieve annual goals. 

Supports local producers and purveyors of foodstuffs wherever practical and beneficial.

Reporting Responsibilities

Supports the Executive Chef in the preparation of regular food production related reports to senior management.

Supports the Executive Chef by collating operational and operations performance data and indicates how this compares to the set targets. 

General Responsibilities

Supports leaders and the management team across the organisation for the achievement of common objectives.

Not with standing the foregoing and in light of continuously changing conditions, the Executive Sous Chef will perform any other duties are requested by management from time to time.

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