Interviewing Techniques | Making a Decision – Part 3



Employer Blog - March 2017

Making a Decision

Once you have interviewed all the candidates it’s time to make the decision which is rarely easy to make as it depends on many factors. The decision is crucial, especially in private households where the right personality is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, this is not an exact science – some really bad mistakes can be made because sometimes unsuitable domestic staff candidates do interview well. There may only be a ‘gut feeling’ that one person will be suitable or another not. If there is nothing more tangible than this ‘gut feeling’ to go on then select the person YOU feel most comfortable with.

Alternatively, if it’s possible, you may like to suggest that a candidate works in your home for a one or two day paid trial (vital if it’s a chef). Watch how the candidate works and how they interact with the other domestic staff along with the members of the family….. Follow the trial with an informal chat to ascertain how you both feel before deciding.

If you don’t find anyone you want to employ, don’t panic. When there is a lack of suitable candidates do not start thinking, “I’ve got to appoint someone.” This is the worst approach, if you can’t find domestic staff that are good enough, then do without them, and if you are desperate, get someone on a short-term contract.

Checking References

Once you’ve made the final offer, just one thing remains – checking the domestic staff references. There are a number of ways of doing this, including by mail, by telephone, by third party or in person.

Always check references, and do consider that you must not discount a candidate simply because a past employer has written something that isn’t exactly glowing. Don’t take written references at face value. Go back to each referee and ask them to elaborate.

Once these have been checked to your satisfaction, you can confirm the start-date, prepare the contract and a cover letter making the domestic staff job offer in full.

Link to an example: cover letter

Link to an example: contract



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