Assistant to the Estate Manager (AEM) | Lanarkshire

£32,000 to £38,000


Purpose of the Job


The Assistant to the Estate Manager (AEM) is employed to support the Estate Manager in ensuring the effective and efficient operation of The Main House and the wider estate, which includes multi-purpose land use, made over to: formal gardens, temporary and permanent pasture, woodland (including areas undergoing reforestation), animal and arable farming.

The Estate Manager in tandem with The Principals, designs and sets out the organic / biodynamic/ all-natural management strategy for the property, while the AEM will work with The Estate Manager, The Estate Staff and service providers to enthusiastically assist with the implementation of that strategy.

This is a hands-on role, where The AEM will take care of the estate’s assets, working closely with the estate’s team to ensure The Estate, properties and land are always maintained to an appropriate level so that The Family and visitors can be received at short notice.

The AEM works and supports the operation of The Estate in order to ensure the defined levels of service are provided at all times. Leading from the front, he/she will lead by example and will continuously strive to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement across the whole estate.

The position requires excellent communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and excellent organizational skills. The AEM must exhibit a proven understanding of the importance of maintaining confidentiality, discretion, and the decorum necessary to maintain the reputation and professionalism of the estate and the privacy of The Principals, Their Family and Their Guests. 

In all estate matters, the AEM will be expected to represent the owner’s image in a faultless light, while working to maintain and promote their priorities. 




£32,000 to £38,000






Assistant to The Estate Manager






Titled Family, Professional / Philanthropist, Rural Location


5+ years









Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Activities

Specific Core Responsibilities and Duties for this job

General Responsibilities

  • Co-develop and implement strategic goals and objectives in order to deliver continuous and sustainable service levels
  • The effective management of: Housekeeping, Laundry, Food and Beverage Services, Kitchen operation, Estate Management, Farming and Land management, including Maintenance
  • Working with the estate team, to ensure that the property is maintained and presented in immaculate condition at all times.
  • Oversee and promote a pro-active people management approach to ensure a productive, participative workforce, by creating a comfortable work environment in which employees are valued and recognised for their performance.
  • Report back to the Estate Manager on all activities performed
  • Seek out and explore new trends, products and/or services to further improve service delivery
  • Available to assist the organisation in any additional responsibilities and duties inside or outside The Estate


Customer Specific Responsibilities

  • Understands and provides personalised and timely service to all members of The Family and their guests
  • Ability to acknowledge, welcome and greet The Family using the appropriate levels of discretion, and the correct forms of address
  • Support estate staff in the development and timely delivery of personalized services
  • Display a polite and correct manner
  • Ability to spontaneously engage in formal and natural conversation with The Family and guests while never being over familiar


People Specific Responsibilities

  • Support the development of a culture that attracts and maintains a competent, engaged and committed workforce
  • Establish and maintain clear communication lines across the entire workforce to ensure a collaborative and efficient operation
  • Together with the Estate Manager, support the development of the goals of The Family
  • Actively develop and monitor the performance of estate staff
  • Work effectively and efficiently with others, including external employees and service providers


Quality Specific Responsibilities

  • Co-develop standards to drive uniform and consistent service delivery and continuous improvement.
  • Recommend and propose innovative approaches to better the existing quality processes and standards
  • Implement all quality related policies, processes and standards
  • Take where necessary corrective actions to ensure compliance with all quality standards
  • Identify quality failures and improvements needed in the future
  • Notice and communicate opportunities to further improve quality standards
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of records of residents’ and guests’ preferences, likes and dislikes as appropriate without compromising their privacy
  • Contribute to the implementation of on-going and continuous improvements


Finance Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure all Estate assets are well-maintained and inventoried.
  • Ensure the safekeeping of all the assets of the estate
  • Monitor inventory and stock levels to ensure consistent levels of quality service
  • Support the Estate Manager to prepare and recommend budgets for an efficient operation
  • Support the Estate Manager to prepare annual budgets to ensure a financially sound and efficient operation


Facilities & Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Ensure that Family and guest spaces and facilities are maintained in impeccable and fully functional conditions
  • Ensure that dining areas, meeting rooms, offices, reception spaces and areas used by family and guests are constantly kept clean and in good repair
  • Ensure that employee accommodation, dining and recreational facilities meet the prescribed standards
  • To undertake and/or manage prescribed: daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual maintenance tasks. As examples:
    • Daily task: ensuring gates are properly functioning
    • Annual task: repainting or creosoting gates to prevent weather damage
  • Working independently or with contracted engineering and maintenance service providers to ensure all repairs and preventive maintenance for all buildings (interior and exterior) and other structures (gates, fences, etc) are carried out in an efficient and timely manner


Legal and Compliance Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all systems, processes and activities comply with relevant legislation
  • Ensure that estate practices represent The Estate and The Family in a positive light and takes measures to avoid any actions that might bring The Estate into disrepute
  • Take active steps to ensure private, sensitive and confidential information is not accessible to unauthorized persons
  • Ensure a dogmatic application of all safety, security and health measures for the protection of The Family, guests, estate staff and external service providers


Animal Care Responsibilities

  • Hands-on responsibility for the compassionate care of animals residing on the estate, including, but not limited to: hens, dogs, and highland cattle


Additional Duties & Responsibilities

  • This Job Description outlines the duties that are typically performed by the jobholder. These duties are not the only duties required for the job and management might assign additional duties from time to time


Self-contained apartment, including: living-room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

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