Household Manager / PA & Confidante | KSA

Circa 60,000 US$ per annum


A VIP lady is seeking a highly motivated, dynamic career oriented, energetic, English speaking, female Household Manager / Personal Assistant & Confidante.

The role will be based in Riyadh, KSA, however candidates must be free and able to travel internationally with the client and her family as required.

The candidate will be an Aide and Confidante, offering advice, reassurance and solutions, so must be naturally be open, well-cultured and highly adaptable to different people, places, lifestyles, religions, cultures and traditions.

Always impeccably presented and well spoken, candidates will conduct themselves appropriately, remembering that they will always be representing the values and principles of the employer,

Candidates should be stylish and have an eye for 'the detail'! They will also follow health & wellness trends, and enjoy such things as reading, learning, travelling, exploring cultures and new foods & cuisines, and will be interested in décor, the arts and style in general.

A sharp eye for detail and a natural proven ability in the art of “homemaking” is vital, instinctively bringing feminine touches, to create cozy, pretty and inviting ambiance to rooms and entertaining spaces through the clever use of music, lighting and candles, well-chosen tableware and linens, scent and incenses, cut flowers and plants.

Candidate must be patient, honest, trustworthy, reliable, understanding and highly adaptable, with that innate ability to seamlessly adapt to the attitudes of different people, locations, protocols, lifestyles, cultures and traditions.

As is typical with this type of role, candidates must be ready and willing to work long hours on occasions, especially during family events and holidays, to oversee staff and the proper delivery of service to The Principal, her family and guests.

This amazing opportunity will be well-suited to anyone who is looking for longevity in their next role, working for an employer who values her staff, and is prepared to personally invest and nurture a professional, productive and rewarding work relationship.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Assistance with work visa and papers
  • 5 or 6 days per week (TBC)
  • 1 month holiday per annum
  • Salary / negotiable DOE
  • Self-contained accommodation / all utilities covered
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • 1x Return Ticket per annum
  • terms of employment will be discussed in the interview.




Circa 60,000 US$ per annum




Riyadh / KSA


Household Manager / PA & Confidante






Titled Family, Professional / Philanthropist, Formal Household


10 - 15 years


English (Arabic or French would be a benefit)







Roles and Responsibilities

  • House Manager, PA & Confidante who travels with the employer as required
  • Making booking & arranging appointments and reservations as required
  • Supervision of household staff; ensuring the household departments are running smoothly (Housekeeping / Kitchen / Food and Drink Service / Maintenance)
  • Supervision of Landscaping and Garden, including herb and kitchen garden
  • Supervision of floral arrangements, interior styling, room-setting, and creating décor concepts for events
  • Ensuring hygiene standards / best-practice are maintained across all departments
  • Staff skill training
  • Managing events (concept through to delivery)
  • Running private errands & private shopping
  • Managing & arranging wardrobes & stores
  • Book-keeping (petty cash / household accounts / credit card statements etc)
  • Maintaining inventories
  • Presenting ideas and plans, schedules, and ideas to improve service delivery
  • Overview of grocery and household shopping, and stock control

Entry Requirements

Preferences & Prerequisites to include:

  • Immaculate in presentation, an arbiter of good taste
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Advanced understanding of the rules of Etiquette and Protocol
  • Understand the importance privacy and confidentiality
  • A follower of a healthy lifestyle
  • Someone who leads by example, who is organized & tidy
  • Someone able to naturally prioritize / with excellent time-management skills
  • Mature, honest, discreet, responsible, and loyal
  • Fun, cheerful, down-to-earth with a happy positive attitude towards work & life
  • Active, committed, physically fit and clean-living
  • Empathetic, warm, considerate, & thoughtful with a nurturing instinct
  • Professional, non-judgmental, and able to take constructive criticism
  • Detail oriented, organized, experienced, knowledgeable & hardworking
  • A non-smoker
  • Physically able to perform the duties of this demanding position. 
  • A respect for differing opinions, laws, relationships, and religions
  • Able to accept different cultures which may be in total opposition to their own



  • Computer literate & IT savvy
  • Research skills, to keep employer informed and aware of trends and fashion
  • A keen interest and ability for cooking and baking
  • A professional private service background
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to cook or with a passion for cooking and baking, creative, (e.g. fusion foods and cake decorating) 
  • Advanced housekeeping skills
  • Proven homemaking skills and masterful use of the senses, to create a beautiful ambiance 
  • Excellent checkable references
  • Excellent spoken and written English / additional languages advantageous

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